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Hydro Center For Agricultural Contracting

Hydro Center for Agricultural Contracting is the leading Indoor plant specialist in Kuwait. Our 23 years of professional experience in Indoor hydro plant business is well recognized in the most elaborate and important commercial buildings and complexes . The professional indoor plant works particularly with large projects require three major phases:

1.Consultation and Design

This is the most important and vital phase of any indoor plant procurement work; Hydro Center has helped many Interior design engineers and consultant companies in the selection pf plants starting from the general themes to detailed plant specifications. Also, the design and specifications of planters both fixed and movable ones.

2. Execution of projects:

Certainly, the success of a project is determined from its proper execution. Hydro Center has well-trained team in executing projects supervised by the management of Eng.Habeeb Behbehani, M.S. Degree in Horticulture. HC has executed more than 50 different kinds of projects using the most professional grower and supplier of Indoor hydro plants & accessories in Holland? (Hydro Huisman. B.V.).

3.Service and Maintenance:

Hydro Center’s dedication to customer service is best reflected in our ability to give professional advice including the top quality of maintenance plus reaching the clients in time. HC has 7 highly technical trained teams carrying that task with a guarantee in replacement of any damaged plants.