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Plant Wall, the Indoor Hydro Planting System
The Plant Wall with Hydro Culture Using Hydro plants is considered the simplest /inexpensive planting system
compared to the soil culture planting using special cotton cloth and complicated expensive irrigation pump

With the slogan of "From Horizontal to Vertical" , Hydro Center provides it's clients with the latest planting
technology , In Collaboration with Hydro Huisman , The Largest Hydro Culture specialist in Holland.  
Advantages of Hydro Plant Wall

Lower installation cost companied to traditional green wall
No chance for mildew and fungus growth which can give an odder overtime specially in small
Can be place anywhere instantly
No drilling or fixing into existing walls.
Quick Installation within hours.
Plants grow directly through the medium hydro.
Very low plant replacement.
Longer plant life and low plant replacement.
Perfect control over the watering.
No water leakage.
No electricity required.
Low  maintenance cost.
Available in any RAL color to match interior walls and furniture.
The Basic Design
The basic 100x20x225cm Sealed hydro
containers with aluminum frame structure
Planted with all varieties of hydro plants